Message from the Principal

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the President’s instruction to close all schools until 14th April, we at Randburg Montessori will be complying. We understand that this is a difficult time for parents and we are committed to offering as much support as we are able to.

Some parents have been concerned about academic skill development and have asked for an at home learning programme. The ideas given below are to help parents alleviate boredom through physical and mental stimulation. Please note that the current situation has allowed RMC to exchange June / July and a few December holiday days for this time therefore not impacting academic learning time at school. This in turn takes the pressure off of parents to follow a rigid home school programme. If you do decide to teach at home, please ensure that the children get a mental break from academic work, ideally the week before the Easter weekend to ensure they are returning to school rested and ready to learn.

As we embark on a time of ‘Learning from Home,’ our aim is to create a Montessori-based framework that serves our children while supporting parents as we all adapt to a different daily routine. It is important to us that the children’s activity during this time be enjoyable, thoughtful, challenging and rewarding.

Routine is the most important thing to maintain with children at this time. Please maintain waking, meal, and bed times as they would be for a normal school day. It is important to be consistent, and for the children to have predictability.

This is going to be a very stressful time for parents and children. Children may become fearful because of things they have heard or seen on television. Arguing with children to do work is not what is needed right now, instead, cuddle up together and read! Have fun together. Here are some ideas to keep the children busy and away from screens:

  • Take turns reading if they are able to read themselves
  • Build puzzles or play board games
  • Build a fort
  • Box construction with small boxes
  • Art and craft – paint, colour, cut and stick. These all provide great opportunities to develop fine motor skills.
  • Play dress up and put on skits (mini plays)
  • Bake and cook together
  • Play with play dough
  • Build Lego and other construction blocks
  • Build a race track for cars
  • Do simple science experiments, using household products
  • Garden – pull weeds and plant seeds
  • Feed the birds
  • Involve children in household chores (they are capable of doing more than you think) Treasure hunts

Create a simple daily routine that everyone can be involved in. Routine is important for the child’s emotional well-being as it creates a sense of security and predictability, thereby minimising anxiety.

Please do not take the children to shopping malls, play areas, etc. In order to minimise the risk of spreading this virus, we need to be responsible and self-quarantine. Thank you for your continued support.

Randburg Montessori would like to thank the incredible AMI community, especially the Montessori School of Tokyo, for standing together and sharing resources, guidelines and frameworks for working from home.

Kym van Straaten