Tips and activities for our Preschool Community (3 – 6 months) during this COVID-19 pandemic

Children may be expected to enjoy family life with developmentally appropriate contributions

Parents are invited to:

  • Remain mindful about your child’s stress or worries during this time of change
  • Monitor communication about your child from your teachers
  • Initiate communication with teachers about questions, ideas, concerns, feedback
  • Support your child’s independence in daily life activities
  • Be mindful of and allow children to continue periods of concentration
  • Establish daily routines and expectations
  • Limit screen time
  • Provide opportunities for daily physical activity


Preschool Teachers will:

  • Initiate individual communications based on children’s needs
  • Make suggestions for appropriate house chores
  • Offer guidelines and suggestions for screen time
  • Provide both general and individualised suggestions for activities developing fine motor skills / gross motor skills / language / numeracy
  • Be prompt in replying to your messages if you need additional guidance and support


Programme-Specific Needs and Characteristics:

  • Children aged 3 – 6 thrive in environments that promote repetition, routine and the mastery of purposeful movement
  • Allow your child to choose activities and give the opportunity for periods of time without distractions

The key to a successful learning environment is order, access to tactile resources, space to explore and meaningful activity. For the Sunshine child, ‘work’ and ‘play’ should be interchangeable – a natural, fun and exciting part of life.


A few examples to get you started:

Area of development preschool


If you are going to teach letter shapes in any form please use cursive to keep learning consistent.