Children may be expected to enjoy family life with developmentally appropriate contributions

Parents are invited to:

  • Remain mindful and respectful about the growing self-esteem and sense of independence that your child is developing
  • Help your child with the hardest part of a task (not the whole task)
  • Initiate verbal communication frequently, ask question, share concerns and observations
  • Be consistent; follow routines and clear sequences for each activity
  • Limit screen time
  • Include your child in household chores
  • Provide opportunities for outdoor activities (gross motor skill development)
  • Let go of perfection. What you are experiencing now is not the final goal. It is foundational
  • Enjoy and appreciate time with your child 


Toddler teachers will:

  • Initiate individual support and communications based on each child’s needs
  • Provide detailed updates and consultation (as required) regarding toilet learning/sleepinghabits/activities(fine/gross motor)
  • Share the current class routine/schedule and then suggest guidance in setting up a daily routine athome
  • –  Share guidelines and suggestions for screen time
  • –  Share general/ individual suggestions for activities for fine/gross motor skills, providing pictures/videos/ materials for parent viewing
  • Provide suggestions for books and songs to support language acquisition
  • Provide videos of teachers singing and performing hand actions to well-loved class songs
  • Share suggestions for practical life activities at home e.g. recipes, food prep, house chores, clothingtips, etc.
  • Be responsive to parent questions and available to offer guidance and tips for activities or any otherelement of support for your child’s development


A few examples to get you started:

Area of Development Activity


Play – Dough Recipe:

  • 2 cups Flour
  • 2 teaspoons Cream of Tartar
  • 2 cups of Water
  • 2 tablespoons of oil
  • ½ cup salt

Mix all ingredients and cook over a (hot) steady heat, stirring continually until it feels like playdough. Soft but not sticky.